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Application Form For Financial Assistance for Games & Sports Institutions/Clubs/Bodies

Form for Medal Winners
Form of Application for Grant/Financial Assistance for an Individual
Form of Application for Financial Assistance for the Games & Sports Institutions/Clubs/Bodies
  Application Date 13 Nov 2018
Organisation Name *  
Full Address *  
Nature Of Project/Event *  
Date(s) Duration of the Project/Event
Place of the Project/Event
Estimates of Income Sources (₹)  
Estimates Expenditure involved (₹)  
Amount of financial assistance asked for (₹) *    
Have you Asked to Refund Grant-In-Aid or portion of it paid in past?
Applied/Received grant-in-aid from GAD/RSSC/any other National/State/District level Sports Body?
Name of the notice bearer to whom the grant-in-aid to be paid *  
Designation of the notice bearer to whom the grant-in-aid to be paid *  
Attach following Documents :
Registration Ciertificate Copy :
Constitution of Organisation Copy :
Last 3 Years Activities Statement :
Last 3 Years Income And Expenditure Statement :
Current Year estimated expenditure & Incomes sources note :
Affiliation Letter of State/District Body copy
Grant-in-aid previously sanctioned Audited Statement Of Account